Poeira de borboletas e cocô de canário





15 –18 May 2019

PRIVATE VIEW : 15 May 4 – 8 pm


Selected Press:



Poeira de borboletas e cocô de canário is an exhibition project furthers an inquiry - through an ironic and often error prone experimental approach - on the causality and dichotomy (voluntary/random) of artistic acts, by starting from everyday objects and images settled within the realm of memory and imagination.

Based on the characteristics of the exhibition space, a selection of works placed in dialogue through a common poetic thread, will be installed and presented as a demonstration of the above mentioned themes.

Giorgio Cellini and Giuseppe De Mattia are two artists bound by a longstanding friendship. They differ in age and training, Giorgio lives in Milan and Giuseppe in Bologna. Both artists share within their practice - in very different ways - an interest for what is random and what is controlled. They both lived in Lisbon both as residents and frequent visitors. Giuseppe settled in the city for three years almost ten years ago, a period during which he focused on film production for both TV and cinema.


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